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Create Your Own Design

Love the piece but want to change up the color or style? Need a few small adjustments made? I provide customizable designs for all my customers. Start by selecting a basic item and continue adding detail to create a one-of-a-kind product. Ready to get it made? Get in touch and I’ll start designing your dream style.

Custom Designs: Custom Design


$25- $50 (T-shirt, Dress, Hoody...)

When I’m not busy sewing or altering, I can be found working on custom designs. I’m more than happy to listen to your style ideas, then make them come to life. Just look at these custom t-shirts that I designed. Using transfer paper, vinyl or sublimation ink I am able to bring images to life and customize shirts.

Love these pieces? Get in touch with me today to see how we can create something unique together. Let me twist your ideas into something elegant.



This design is one of my favorites to work on. The simple, yet stylistically unique concept translated so well into the finished product. Whether you’d like your own Throw pillow, pillow case or you have something completely different in mind, I would love to hear your thoughts.

These custom items are featured as one of the must-have products of the season.



$30.00 - 75.00

Twisted Elegance provides custom pieces for customers of all nationalities.  If you are like me then religion is very important to you, so much so that you need it wherever you are. Take a look at some travel mats for children or adults that can be used for meditation/prayer on the go and come with a travel bag. 

If you’re interested in an item, but wish it came in a different color, tell me about it. Take a leap and start designing your own custom piece.

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